Greg-  Bad IMEI  repair
“At first I was very hesitant to send my cell phone to this company. But what I found out was that they kept an open dialog to update me on the progress and to answer many questions I had. The turn around period was very fast. And after all is said and done, they STILL get an open dialog to answer any and all questions. This company is filled with professionals, not like the “Other” services that barely had the grasp of the English language, let alone a IQ any higher than 99. This company is upfront and well backup their Work 100%. Outstanding.  “
Bill iphone unlock -

“It worked! Thank you SOOOO much! Your patience and professionalism are very unusual in this day and age. I will definitely recommend you to any and all”


Drew  Verizon Bad ESN-

“I used this service for the Verizon ESN cleaning service. The customer support answered my questions within 2 minutes every time I emailed which was great. (And I had a lot of questions) My experience was wonderful from start to finish. I would recommend this service to anyone who may need it. It is well worth the money. My Verizon ESN was clean within 5 days and as soon as I got the email telling me, I activated the phone. THIS SERVICE WORKS!!! Thanks MobileLizard!”


Chris  Blackberry unlock -

“I’m a Manager at Best Buy Mobile, and we don’t have Unlocked phone in our store. I Instructed a customer to buy an at&t  Handset, BlackBerry Z10 Full Retail, so at&t could unlock the phone. They wouldn’t, as to why? The reasons are still unknown. Being the Customer went to Brazil, Mobile Lizard got me code Fast, email to him and myself, and it worked Perfectly.  Perfectly!

This is where I will be directing all my Future customers. They literally made it painless.”

 Vjdr – New Customer:

I just want to say that I only registered to be able to write a comment.
Also, I must admit that I did not use the service but I definitely would! I only asked a couple of questions by email and the response was very quick! So guys, I truly recommend this service.


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  1. sam

    Hi I bought blacklisted tmobile iphone 6 .if I sell someone who is going to back country out of usa can he use this phone without unlock

    1. admin

      Hello, its not possible to unlock these at the moment. We are keeping a list of folks who want to be notified when a fix comes out. Fixes come and go pretty quickly for these, but while they work its possible. You’ll just need to be at the head of the line.

  2. Jason

    I bought a Sprint lg g 7.0 off of eBay. I was informed that it had a bad esn. Sprint is my carrier in my phone so I took the sim card out of my phone and placed it in the tablet and the tablet worked. If it has a bad esn would it Not have worked with my son card in it?

    1. admin

      hello, no it would not work, or not work for long if the esn is bad.

  3. joe

    Can you unlock bad ATT note 4, for use in the US. I want to put it on straight talk.

    1. admin

      hello, yes we can unlock the at&t note 4. However that will not mean it will work

  4. melissa

    hi can you unlock a galaxy note 4(android 5.01) on sprint for international use?

    1. admin

      Not at the moment no.

  5. ben

    i need att iphone 6 bad imei removed

    1. admin

      You need a miracle

  6. Claudio

    Hello, i bought a iphone 5s from my cousin in U.S, the cellphone is blacklisted by Tmobile , the only options that i find in Nicaragua to unlock it is through turbo sim but they say that it will not work on 3g. As is my cousin the one who reported it to tmobile as lost, can he call them and unblacklist it ? to be able to unlock it by IMEI ? what options do i have ?


    1. admin

      You have the option that was given to you. Turbo Sim.

  7. Quentin Nelson

    So I bought a phone off of offer up and app it was unlock and working fine and then it was blacklist as lost or stolen by the owner I have legit proof and logs and correspondence that I i bought it legitly but now its black listed threw t moble how can I fix this the owner no longer is excepting my phone call seeing as he has his money.

    1. admin

      email us unlock@mobilelizard.com Will need make model and phone carrier.

  8. Edward

    Hello ,
    I live in india,but my brother is in USA.
    I like to buy a Bad Imei iphone 6 or 6 plus.

    Can i buy a Bad imei T mobile or At&t.
    Unlock it and use in india?
    What about the iphone 6 which are not activated at all,but blocked/ barred/
    Possible for mobile lizard to unlock these phones even if it has stilll not activated?
    Please let me know sir.
    Thank you

    1. admin

      At the moment there is no factory unlock for blacklisted tmobile iphones – and the rsim/xsim/gpp unlock for iphone 6 has not yet been released. ATT bad imei iphones can be unlocked without issue.

  9. omar

    I’m have a galaxy s5. It is Verizon and I just found out today it was reported stolen. What can/should I do someone please help me. flammers4omar@gmail.com

    1. admin

      We do provide a fix for blacklisted verizon phones (ie phones that have been reported lost or stolen) head to http://www.mobilelizard.com

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