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Sep 22

How to get your iphone5 Unlocked, and fix the pesky nano sim issue.

Given all the news stories about overseas buyers snapping up the new iphone5  for resale in their home market:   Here’s a bit of information for anyone of our readers planning to do the same.  The Iphone5 release is currently limited to AT&T and Verizon  handsets. Sprint iphone5 should be released later this year, followed by TMobile  …

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Sep 25

Iphone 5 – Who’s Buying?

  ” Step right up, Step right up.. Get your brand new Apple Iphone 5“ Or, SHOULD you?   Apple’s set to release the Iphone 5 sometime between their September announcement of the 5 and the end of October.  Apple’s  leak division , Apple’s marketing division Industry insiders say sometime between October 4, and October 18, 2011 …

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