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May 22

Cell Phone Swag – The most expensive cell phones in the world!

In Dubai, Switzerland, Macau and other playgrounds of those who have – (and they have lots).  There’s a niche market of super expensive cell phones that are  always available for the discerning mobile buyer.  The phones are Gorgeous, Gaudy, Bespoke,  and in some cases rather plain – but never inexpensive.  If you happen to be strolling past a retailer  on your …

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Mar 19

Get Geeked! Green Cell Phones and Solar Powered Accessories.

At MobileLizard, we’ve been following the trend in renewable cell phones and power sources for the last few years. Where there were once few (and mightily expensive) choices, there now are reasonably priced options for folks who live socially conscious lives, or prefer the convenience of the sun.  Accessories and peripherals are also now available …

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Nov 14

The Blackberry Playbook, Rim’s challenge to Apple Ipad – Really?

Rim’s revving up for the launch of the blackberry playbook – Aggressively seeking app developers to do for them what Apps originally did for Steve Jobs and Apple. Samsung’s getting to market for the holidays with the Galaxy Tablet.Good luck with that RIM, you’re only 12 months late to the table (t). Developers if you’re …

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