Oct 26

If You have Bought A Blacklisted TMOBILE IPhone, Or You Have a Bad Imei Tmobile Iphone…

If You have Bought A Blacklisted TMOBILE IPhone, Or You Have a Bad Imei Tmobile Iphone…

There’s no magical fix for your Bad Imei.  (update – There are now fixes in 2017 available)

There is no Current working Unlock that will allow you to use it outside the USA .  


If you see an iphone being sold cheaply,  or for way less than fair  market  value there’s usually a reason.  A $900 iphone 6S+ that is being sold for $350 is NOT a deal.   Be careful when purchasing these phones.  Use Amazon, or another reputable online retailer or your local phone store if you want to have a working phone that lasts.

Exchange groups, Ebay and  Pawn stores are not the safest places to purchase any phone that costs several hundred dollars.  Save yourself the  money & trouble.

Sep 17

Thank you to all our readers! – Paypal donations

Hello Everyone!

When we started this blog several years ago it was with the intention of helping people who had been taken advantage of by others.  For several years, we’ve responded and answered questions, given advice on how to fix bad imei’s or blocked and blacklisted AT&T phones, Tmobile phones Sprint phones. We’ve gotten questions from every corner of the world.  North and South America Europe, Africa, Australia, Japan, the Middle East .  Answering questions and giving advice to hundreds of persons  (most of who send several emails) takes up quite a bit of  time.   Unfortunately we can no longer continue to do this for FREE.

We’re happy to answer questions, but ask  those of you that email us directly for specific solutions to your phone to make a donation of $2. Click on our paypal button AT THE TOP LEFT of your screen, it will help us to keep researching and testing to find solutions and information that helps you.   Thanks for reading and we hope you support our efforts to help YOU, our readers. paypal donate



Jun 13


SPRINT iphone Unlock 6 6+

Its  Back!  A Stable  factory unlock  for Sprint iPhones is now available. The unlock can be purchased at www.mobilelizard.com .  This unlock works for all sprint iphones, 4s/5/5c/5s/6/6+  Clean ESN or Blacklisted/Blocked under contract or No contract, This unlock will work for your iphone.  Prices will display once you’re logged into your Mobilelizard account.





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