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  1. firman

    I bought an Iphone 6 from ebay and it has bad imei and reported as lost or stolen.
    The carrier is Verizon. could you unlock my iphone 6??

    1. admin

      it was already unlocked but when blacklisted they likely relocked it. Check ebay for this service.

  2. iPhone 6

    Hey I purchased a iPhone 6 T-Mobile from a private owner and it seems like it’s been blacklisted can u help in anyway ? Can’t find the seller anywhere

    1. admin

      Hello, unfortunately there is no fix for blacklisted Tmobile iphones. Unfortunately There is no unlock for blacklisted or bad imei tmobile iphones.

  3. Please help

    Hello i have a iphone 5c that is blacklisted and i was wondering if it will work in eroupe thanks

    1. admin

      This depends on the carrier – There is no way to unlock a blocked or blacklisted tmobile iphone at the moment. ATT, verizon and sprint can be unlocked to work in europe

      1. 20151010

        I want to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 on Sprint from ebay. The phone is blacklisted with a bad IMEI. Is it still possible to unlock the Sprint to be used on GSM carriers in MEXICO?

        1. admin

          Yes, it is possible.

  4. Patricia stubblefield

    Hello there
    I was wondering if you could help me. I have a note4 from US Cellular that is blocked because i didn’t pay the bill and haven’t settled with them yet. I would like to use this phone for Straight Talk using Verizon towers. Is this possible for you guys to help me out?

    1. admin

      hello. US Cellular is cdma and cannot be transferred to straight talk like other carrier phones can.

  5. asanka


    im going to buy a bad imei iphone from usa and going to use it in india. can i unlock it with you?

    1. admin

      hello, you can – as long as you check in with us on what kind of bad imei phone it is. Some, like tmobile iphone cannot currently be unlocked if the imei is bad or blocked. If it is a good imei it can be unlocked.

  6. J.P.

    My girlfriend just purchased two HTC ONE M8 phones,and yes she bought them on craigslist.As,it turns out,both phones have blocked IMEI’S…Is there any way possible to get around this problem.Turns out both phones where reported lost,so T-mpbile blockded them

    1. admin

      email us directly about your lost stolen htc one m8 phones –

  7. Patty

    Hello! This seems like a great source of info for my question!

    Long story short, I have an unlocked, blacklisted (I think?) phone that I want to use on AT&T. I just know that when I checked the IMEI on online databases, it says that it is blocked. Is there anyway to unlock and use this phone on AT&T?

    Thanks! :)

    1. admin

      hello without more information on the make and model of the phone we would not be able to advise you

  8. Flakron

    Hi i bought a t-mobile iphone 6+ after 2 months it got blocked is there any way i can unlock it for international users?

    1. admin

      Email us directly at for more info.

  9. vikas

    I have iphone 6+ Sprint Bad esn. Want to get it unlocked to use it outside USA. Please suggest how can I dot it.

    1. admin

      The rsim is currently the least expensive way to get this done

  10. nick

    Hello, I bought a tmobile s5 off Craigslist , after I got the unauthorized software message to go away I realized it’s blacklisted for not paying it off by the original owner , I belive it is unlocked as I can choose many different networks , can I use it on any other company preferably prepaid ?

    1. admin

      you can test the carrier compatibility by putting sim cards in. It will not work on tmobile.

  11. jatin

    i have iphone 6 n its blacklisted by t mobile usa n i want to use in india can it unlock ???

    1. admin

      Yes, blacklisted tmobile can be unlocked by us for overseas use. Email us at – for more information

  12. tony bolzy

    I found a T-Mobile galaxy s5, the lcd was damage, I take chance replacing it, I did a hard reset on the phone, now its not reading my sim card, what do you think, I really want to use that phone, please can you help?

    1. admin

      Its likely the phone you found was reported lost/stolen – it won’t read your sim because tmobile is blocking any signal access to its towers.

  13. Jonathan Rendall

    Hello i have a quick question I currently live in Argentina and have a
    Iphone 5s that has a blocked or flagged ESN lost/ and stolen ! I was
    wondering is there a way i can either unlock it to be used here in
    Argentina with a cell phone company ?

    1. admin

      Please email us directly for information –

  14. Marlon

    I bought a blacklisted T-mobile phone from ebay, and I would like to unclock it as I live in Brazil. Can you guys help me? Thanks

    1. admin

      We usually can, provided it is not a blacklisted tmobile iphone. please see our unlocking website for prices and unlock time frame.

  15. S.Russ

    Brought a tmobil note 3 from someone it has been blacklisted. Can I use this phone and if so how.

    1. admin

      Email us directly at unlock @

  16. will

    I bought an iPhone 6 on Craigslist I was moving out of the USA and wanted to get a phone to use in Brazil. Long story short, the phone wasn’t unlocked like we thought and a week after moving here, the person who sold it to us reported it as stolen. Now I have an iPhone locked to T-Mobile and blacklisted or blocked.

    Can I unlock it and use it in Nrazil still, or do I just have an iPod, now?

    1. admin

      You can try having someone in Brazil unlocking it with an rsim or something similar.

  17. Rub

    hello, I bought an I phone 4 from T-Mobile, I did not pay the bill and of course they black listed it, I do not want to use in the United states , I want to use in Dominican republic, I would like to know if I can unlock it an use outside the United States, and if I can tell me who to contact

    1. admin

      Hello. You will need to get a manual unlock with an interloper sim such as an Rsim or Gevey

  18. cecil

    Hello I bought a this phone from a friend. And I thought because it was tmobile that I would b able to use it because I have familymobile powered by tmobile. Well I was wrong, so I bought a unlock codes thinking that was it. But I was wrong again. As I was researching problems I found out it could b blacklisted. I didn’t know they go to that full extent now. I was completely out the loop.
    But I wanted to know if it was any way to bypass this issue so I can use this phone in the u.s? Any options n suggestions would b greatly appreciated. Please email me as soon as can. Thank u.

    1. admin

      Hello. It depends on the make and model of the phone. If it is a newer Samsung, LG or HTC it is possible. If it is an iphone there’s no fix.

  19. gloria

    I have a samsung note3 from tmobile and is on the blacklist due to none payment how can i take it off so i can use it wit metro pcs

    1. admin

      email us directly at

  20. Darell

    Hi, I bought a Lumia 925 off ebay. I did an IMEI check on and it came out clean. However, none of the unlocking websites can find the unlock code for my phone.

    1. admin

      For nokia lumia’s if it is an att phone and its under contract, blocked or blacklisted it is extremely difficult to get a 3rd party unlock at the moment. Its been that way for some time.

  21. Ildar

    Hello! I live in Russia. I bought at auction eBay phone Nokia Lumia 1520 AT&T bad ESN . With our operators it also does not work, asks for the unlock code. You will be able to unlock ?

    1. admin

      hello there is no longer an unlock for att bad imei Lumia. This may be temporary or it may be permanent, but this has been the case for almost a year.

  22. Dezirahh

    I have an ATT Iphone 5C and found out the last owner stopped paying on their contract and has a huge bill owed on it, is it possible to unlock it and use it with another carrier in the USA?

    1. admin

      Unlocked it will work outside the usa. There is no fix for this that will allow it to work in the usa.

  23. vittorio

    hi i have a galaxy s4 cricket but I can not unlock it. I enter * # 06 #, but I get the mobile network not available samsung galaxy s4. how can I read the sim Italian thanks a lot

    1. admin

      you will have to look in the settings /about phone – the imei number is there.

  24. stephen

    How’s it going? I have a locked Tmobile LG G2 with a bad Imei (reported lost) that I would like your help with. Is there anyway to get it activated again for Tmobile? Any help would be great.

    1. admin

      Email us directly@

  25. Jacod

    Hi, from what i had read online regarding phone info , you guys are the most informatics.

    I just want to know the info on Sprint SM-N900P model , bought it online:

    -planning to use for oversee only (that country have CDMA and GSM services SIM)

    do i need to unlocked to used it there?

    1. admin

      yes. you will need to have it unlocked.

  26. Joe

    I’m just curious, after doing lots of internet research, and hearing people’s complaints, could you please answer this question for me?

    If an insured iPhone 5s is reported lost, and the insurance company pays out on the claim, does the lost iPhone’s IMEI number become “blocked”? In this hypothetical, let’s assume that the iPhone is not insured through the carrier, but through a separate entity, such as ProtectYourBubble. If so, on what grounds does the insurance company have the right to report an IMEI to Apple or the carriers (I’m not sure who “manages” the iPhone IMEI blocking).

    Disclaimer: I am an honest person, and I’m not contemplating insurance fraud here. I’m just wondering, if insurance companies have the authority to block IMEI’s, what gives them this “right”? Also, what’s to say the insurance company has been provided with the correct IMEI to block? What if someone provides another person’s receipt with an alternate IMEI when filing the claim?

    Thanks for your insight. I enjoy reading your blog. PS – I tried emailing this to: but bounced back undeliverable.


    1. admin

      Thanks for the feedback. Will try to fix that link asap.
      To answer your question, if the insurance company has paid out on the phone then they make sure no one can benefit from that particular unit since they’ve out on it. An analogy would be receiving an insurance check on a totaled car, only its still in perfect condition in your garage. Essentially – its theft from any insurance company. As each IMEI and ownership records are unique to the insurance companies, the check will go out made to the owner on record of that imei, making it difficult for just anyone to collect. Mostly carriers manage IMEI blocking but it is likely apple makes requests as well. Thanks for reading!

  27. Millie

    I just finished buying a note 3 on tmobile when I bought it the phone was working fine with SIM card but 30 mins later it stoped working and I called and they said it was blocked ? What can I do ? Can I use it on a non gsm server ? Like boost or metro . HELP!!!! Please

    1. admin

      hello – email us directly –

  28. Aryan Sarwary

    I purchased a us cellular galaxy note 3 and turned out to have bad esn, need help please

    1. admin

      email us directly for solutions on samsung galaxy phones.

  29. Judy


    I recently brought a Samsung Galaxy S4 for my daughter’s birthday. I have been having Mobil connectivity problems with my cell phone from sprint and have been going backwards and forwards with them for the last 4 months. I have finally decided to ask them to relieve me from my contract and to wave early termination fees of which they have agreed to do. My service with Sprint is disconnected.

    I have changed over to T-Mobil and really would like to keep my daughter’s phone, but after doing some research I see that her phone is on a CDMA network whereas, T-Mobil is GSM network.
    I took it to a store and was told it would need to be flashed and after further research I found it would have to be rooted.

    However, I have asked Sprint to unlock her phone but they said they do not unlock phones, which I expected they wouldn’t unlock it as I am leaving their services.

    My question is…Can this phone be unlocked?

    I appreciate your time, and look forward to hearing from you.


    1. admin

      To the best of our knowledge Sprint can and does unlock their phones for their customers. If you’re not a current customer in good standing its very unlikely they will unlock the sim slot for you. The easiest solution is of course, to sell the sprint phone and get a tmobile compatible phone or a gsm phone which can be unlocked or is already unlocked. Trying to get a Sprint phone to work on tmobile is possible but would require someone with the knowledge/expertise/tools to achieve this. Quite honestly even if it were able to accept the tmobile card, you will not get 4g lte, maybe not even 4g. Whoever does this will tell you what your limitations are. Good Luck!

  30. jerry

    purchased s3 14 months ago off ebay
    all was fine
    phone quit working this week
    tmobile states phone locked due to failure to pay off installment agreement
    would not disclose how much was owed or to whom

    1. admin

      Its out of ebay warranty, so next move is unlock for sale to be used outside the usa, or sell for parts. there may be someone in your area who can fix this – try craigslist.

  31. justin

    Hello, I bought a galaxy s4 from Craig’s list for metro PCs but when I went to activate it they told me the imei number was bad. Please help!

    1. admin

      that’s too bad. We emailed you directly.

  32. SerDarius Davenport

    Hey, I unknowingly brought a Nokia lumia with a bad Imei. How and how much will it cost to fix?

    1. admin

      hello. we emailed you directly

  33. Lakshya


    Yesterday I bought an iPhone 5 for t mobile the guy from whom i bought did not tell me that he has reported it stolen it came with the original box and accesories i matched the semi number on both of them and it loooked a genuine deal i did not have the sim that time to check t so i just bought it but later on i came to know that its a bad semi and blacklisted phone . I can send it outside the country to my family to use it but i need to get it unlocked please let me know if you can help me in unlocking it. thanks

    1. admin

      the iphone unlock for tmobile and at&t are both available at our website. check the description of the unlock before ordering. thanks!

  34. jose

    I want to buy a galaxy s4 for sprint since they have CDMA I know I get a phone with good meid. I’ve found a posting near me n since am picking it up , taking it to a sprint store to have it activated . know I’ve read here that a seller can report the phone stolen after payment, how can I avoid this ? I know to check the meid twice(by phone, sprint store) I will have proof by eBay n paypal. Can seller still reported stolen????? If so how can I block this?

    1. admin

      hi, the seller can definitely report it stolen after you’ve bought it. You can ask them to head over to the sprint store, and noteon the seller’s account that the phone has been sold to you and activate it in your name there – that should prevent them from being able to do so.

  35. hudspeth

    I bought a straight talk ZTE phone from a individual on craigslist looks new. But straight talk is telling me it was improperly scanned or something. It is hard to understand the foreigners on the other end. Can I jailbreak the phone or do anything so it will work? or just ” junk ” it and lesson learned… thanks

    1. admin

      We responded to your email. thanks

  36. John

    I just brought a Samsung galaxy note 3 online from the Bahama.. When I get a simple card it work for a couple of days them I called t mobile and they tell me the imie is blocked. .. what do I do? I need of help

    1. admin

      The answers to your question are found in this post it lists solutions/ options for bad esn, bad imei phones that have been reported lost or stolen, or blocked by tmobile or AT&T due to non payment or fraud.

  37. David

    So I bought a phone from Craigslist, but before I bought them I verified the imei number and they told me they were good. So I bought them. Now, a month later the phones stopped working. I called t-mobile and they said they were locked due to fraud. I was able to get a hold of the guy who sold them and he said that he world call them for me. Is there any recourse for me if this goes south? Any help is greatly appreciated thanks

    1. admin

      Hello David,
      Please check your yahoo email.

  38. Jon

    Long story short got sold a AT&T iPhone 5 with bad imei and it was already activated with a Apple ID.. I read and did a little research to re use this phone I have to unlock it will that work?? I checked this website out and the guy said it would work but idk

    1. admin

      The physical unlock does work for most phones. You do run the risk of getting a bad card – so I’d say order from someone in the US, and order the right card for your phone. Good Luck!

  39. derrick

    Hi I just wanted to know if I stuck my existing 5s sim into a 64gig 5s would I be able to use the phone. I have Att and the 64gig that has bad imei is Att too. Please email me. Thanks.

    1. admin

      Not likley.

  40. Andy

    Hi, I bought an iphone 5c off CL supoused to be factory unlocked, took it to TMobile to connect and found out it is locked and blacklisted, later I discovered is a Sprint model, any advise please? Thanks.

    1. admin

      Hello Andy,
      That’s a tough one. Although the sprint 5c has a sim card slot, its intended for their LTE service. You might be able to try an r sim that’s built for the 5c, but the last time I checked around it was hit or miss. I do know r sim updated with a patch – but no feedback on whether this works or not. You can try that, and if it doesn’t work, you can always sell for parts

  41. Christine

    Hello, Just reading your info about buying a phone on Craig’s list, phone works a few days, shuts off… etc. It was as if I was reading my own story! I had no idea about IMEI’s or phones being locked etc, I was just looking for a new phone!! Well, now I am fully aware! I bought a Nokia Lumia 810 windows phone. It’s a nice shiny paperweight. What can I do, If anything? It’s been blacklisted. HELP! Thanks for the info.

    1. admin

      Hi Christine – email us and let us know what carrier you’re on.

  42. Thao Nguyen

    I bought an 4S Iphone last year and i did not know it was stolen, until I call Verizon and discovered that it was a stolen phone. what shall I Do?. I don’t have the money to buy another one. I learned an expensive lesson. I am leaving to Vietnam in the next two weeks. can you unlocked the phone for me to use Sim Card in Vietnam ? should I return it to the original owner? should i sell it for parts? But it also it is not fair for me to pay for some one else mistake (stolen)

    1. admin

      Hello Thao –
      send us an email address we can reach you at, or drop us a line at

  43. admin

    Our RSS feed is located at the very top of the blog and pulls any new articles into your email automatically.
    We’ll be launching our twitter site very soon: article links will be posted there as well.
    Thanks for the support!

  44. DMuir

    Very very nice! Will use some of your info when buying 2 new phones for my wife and son next week. How do we get emailed updates when new reviews are added?

  45. Nicola Riettie

    Very nice blog!!! Love the look and the info – the lizard is actually even cute :)

    1. admin

      Thanks Nicola, appreciate the feedback! :)

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