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Jun 25

Tips and Tricks for the New Facebook

    Facebook.  Its morphed from semi- stagnant,  to consistent changes in the look and operation of the social network.  Its pushing to keep the shine on its now  tarnished crown so it may seem  as if  there are changes almost EV-ER-Y day.  Every day? Yes. Every day.  Facebook’s constantly tweaking its ‘operating system’  for personal and business pages.  Most …

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Dec 13

Blackberry Tips for Berry Addicts.

In every phone’s OS, there are built in tips and tricks you may stumble upon, or you may never discover they’re there – till someone tells you about it. Some of these you may already know, some might be new – but here are a few ways to complete useful functions on your blackberry mobile. …

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Dec 08

Quick Licks! – Double the battery life on your Smartphone (and other tricks)

You know how when you first got your new phone the battery seemed to last forever without needing a recharge, and now you find yourself charging it every day? Don’t you wish you could go back to the long lasting battery? Suprise!! there really is truth to  what you’ve heard about ‘training’ your phone’s battery. …

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