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Jan 21

Emergency Measures! What To Do If Your Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy, iPhone HTC or LG Falls into water

  Its a perfectly normal day you’re going about your ‘business’ . You’re about to sit down, or you bend over and the next thing you know your cell  phone falls into the toilet.  First thing.  Don’t panic. Okay, maybe there’s a 3 second panic allowance. After that  you need to spring into action.  Go …

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Oct 30

Solutions for Bad ESN/Bad IMEI phones

  Hey all!   Due to the overwhelming  email response to our craigslist bad esn blog  post – We’re putting up the solutions for all to see. Situation 1.  – BAD IMEI or Blocked IMEI phone: Bad/Blocked imei phones are those that operate on the GSM networks. The main 2 in the USA are Tmobile, …

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In need of a Cheap Unlocked Cell Phone for overseas travel?  Look no further – Here’s our Quick Guide to getting it done without paying hundreds of dollars. First a quick primer. There are two types of cell phone technologies – CDMA  and GSM.  CDMA technology is used by Verizon, Sprint,  Cricket.  GSM technology is …

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