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Mar 26


To Our Valuable Customers and Business Partners First and foremost, we wish you and your families remain safe and healthy throughout this crisis.   As the state and federal response to this virus continues to evolve the MobileLizard repair store has decided to temporarily close our doors (hopefully only for a short time). Once the situation …

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Jan 21

Emergency Measures! What To Do If Your Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy, iPhone HTC or LG Falls into water

  Its a perfectly normal day you’re going about your ‘business’ . You’re about to sit down, or you bend over and the next thing you know your cell  phone falls into the toilet.  First thing.  Don’t panic. Okay, maybe there’s a 3 second panic allowance. After that  you need to spring into action.  Go …

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Oct 30

Solutions for Bad ESN/Bad IMEI phones

  Hey all!   Due to the overwhelming  email response to our craigslist bad esn blog  post – We’re putting up the solutions for all to see. Situation 1.  – BAD IMEI or Blocked IMEI phone: Bad/Blocked imei phones are those that operate on the GSM networks. The main 2 in the USA are Tmobile, …

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