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All tech Nokia related, Ovi, Nokia OS Our Traveler’s Guide to a Cheap Unlocked Cell Phone

In need of a Cheap Unlocked Cell Phone for overseas travel?  Look no further – Here’s our Quick Guide to getting it done without paying hundreds of dollars. First a quick primer. There are two types of cell phone technologies – CDMA  and GSM.  CDMA technology is used by Verizon, Sprint,  Cricket.  GSM technology is …

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Jun 10

Is this the End of Nokia?

  In today’s world dominated by smart phones, Nokia has been struggling to gain any market share. Due to the advent of Iphone and Android, Nokia has been gradually drifting towards the  brink of non-existence.  Android and Iphones have taken over and  pushed  the once mighty Nokia out of competition –  Ovi (their  Nokia Marketplace) quietly folded  and …

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May 15

Unlock MY Cell Phone?

Why should you unlock your cell phone? The obvious drawback with most cell phones on the market is that they are limited by your network. They are going to tell you what network you can use, and they will dictate which apps and features you can have, what your data plan will cost and what …

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