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May 15

Unlock MY Cell Phone?

Why should you unlock your cell phone? The obvious drawback with most cell phones on the market is that they are limited by your network. They are going to tell you what network you can use, and they will dictate which apps and features you can have, what your data plan will cost and what …

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Sep 27

10 Tablets worth your time – Quick Buyers Guide

Seems like almost every day a new Tablet is released to the consumer market. Even Amazon’s getting into the Tablet game with their announcement ofa Kindle Tablet. In the meantime original market players are?planning to release versions 2 and 3 – so the market’s a bit crowded and there seems to be no end in …

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Mar 19

Get Geeked! Green Cell Phones and Solar Powered Accessories.

At MobileLizard, we’ve been following the trend in renewable cell phones and power sources for the last few years. Where there were once few (and mightily expensive) choices, there now are reasonably priced options for folks who live socially conscious lives, or prefer the convenience of the sun. ¬†Accessories and peripherals are also now available …

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