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Jan 01

Bought a Tmobile phone? Is it blocked for non payment? Blacklisted? UPDATE!

 Did you buy  or receive a Tmobile phone over the holidays, and later find out its been blacklisted? (reported lost or stolen) or blocked? (for non payment of of a service bill or EIP) Thankfully there are new solutions for 2017, specifically for Tmobile iphones and Androids – Samsung Note and Galaxy phones. Email us …

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Jun 06

Avoid buying stolen phones! how to check if the phone you’re buying is stolen or blacklisted

  At MobileLizard, we  get hundreds of emails a week, mostly  questions about how to fix a bad imei problem.  Every now and then someone will check in with us BEFORE buying the phone (AHA!) so they don’t run into that bad imei or blacklisted phone issue.  We thought it might useful for people to …

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May 30

What is a BAD IMEI Blocked or Blacklisted Phone? Will unlocking fix it?

More often than not – we get the question “can you unlock my phone?”  from people with blocked or blacklisted phones. Before answering that question, a few definitions. Unlocking a Phone:  Phones in the USA are usually locked to carriers. AT&T phones can only be used on AT&T, Tmobile on Tmobile – unless you unlock …

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