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May 22

Cell Phone Swag – The most expensive cell phones in the world!

In Dubai, Switzerland, Macau and other playgrounds of those who have – (and they have lots).  There’s a niche market of super expensive cell phones that are  always available for the discerning mobile buyer.  The phones are Gorgeous, Gaudy, Bespoke,  and in some cases rather plain – but never inexpensive.  If you happen to be strolling past a retailer  on your …

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May 16

For the love of RIM!

  Let’s face it – RIM’s BlackBerry cell phones have been a worldwide phenomenon that changed the course of technology forever. But, since the release of smartphones from  Samsung,  Apple, and operating systems like Android and Windows (to a lesser extent)  Blackberry has battled round after round of  rough fights with its competition.  That’s the bad news.  The good …

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May 15

Unlock MY Cell Phone?

Why should you unlock your cell phone? The obvious drawback with most cell phones on the market is that they are limited by your network. They are going to tell you what network you can use, and they will dictate which apps and features you can have, what your data plan will cost and what …

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