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Jan 15

iPhone Factory unlocking available at

Finally! is back up again offering the ‘recently elusive’ iPhone FACTORY UNLOCK for the USA iphone carriers  AT&T and Tmobile.  Its new on the market so prepare for sticker shock.  Things definitely aren’t what they used to be. There are two types – 1 will unlock any model iphone within 3 days, the other …

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Dec 08

Planning to get an iphone off Craigslist? Check for Apple ID & activation lock before you buy!

iPhone Buyers : The new iphone 7 iOs update provides an activation lock under the ‘find my iphone’ feature. You’ll know you have a problem when you get the following screen – (below right). Once this is enabled – the iphone is effectively locked in the icloud and  cannot be used unless the correct  Apple ID …

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Sep 22

How to get your iphone5 Unlocked, and fix the pesky nano sim issue.

Given all the news stories about overseas buyers snapping up the new iphone5  for resale in their home market:   Here’s a bit of information for anyone of our readers planning to do the same.  The Iphone5 release is currently limited to AT&T and Verizon  handsets. Sprint iphone5 should be released later this year, followed by TMobile  …

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