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May 30

What is a BAD IMEI Blocked or Blacklisted Phone? Will unlocking fix it?

More often than not – we get the question “can you unlock my phone?”  from people with blocked or blacklisted phones. Before answering that question, a few definitions. Unlocking a Phone:  Phones in the USA are usually locked to carriers. AT&T phones can only be used on AT&T, Tmobile on Tmobile – unless you unlock …

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Oct 30

Solutions for Bad ESN/Bad IMEI phones

  Hey all!   Due to the overwhelming  email response to our craigslist bad esn blog  post – We’re putting up the solutions for all to see. Situation 1.  – BAD IMEI or Blocked IMEI phone: Bad/Blocked imei phones are those that operate on the GSM networks. The main 2 in the USA are Tmobile, …

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Jun 02

Buying a smart phone on Craigslist? What to do if the phone you bought has a bad ESN or IMEI and how to avoid this happening to you!

Every day thousands of used and new cell phones make their way to Craigslist to be sold.  Most of the time, the seller has gotten a new phone and wants to get some cash back for the old one, the transaction goes fine, and  everyone’s happy. Seller has cash and the buyer has a new …

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