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  1. xyz

    Hi I bought a Iphone 5s box pack at craiglist. It was working properly for a month or so then suddenly stop working saying its blacklisted & imei is blocked by T-mobile because the balance installment was not paid by the owner to T-mobile. The seller cannot be contacted.

    What is your advice on fixing it. do you fix such issues, can you fix it for a reasonable price?
    Please revert asap.


    1. admin

      Thanks for reading. Have a look at this post http://mobilelizardblog.com/2013/10/solutions-bad-esnbad-imei-phones/

  2. Thaer


    I was looking desperately for a way to fix my new S4 mini and stumbled on your blog, I hope you can help me out. I bought an S4 mini phone for a really good price. The seller made a disclaimer that this phone should be sold as is. The bargain was too good and I ended up buying it. The phone was locked to US cellular, and appearanlty it was used only as a test phone before they started rolling the actual phones in the market. Sot, it had a bunch of development apps and stuff like that. the model was SCH-r890. I wasn’t smart enough to make a backup and downloaded cyanogenmod 10 for the international S4 mini model (gt-i195). instead of fisixing it, I got stuck with no signal since my imei number gave 0/0. and I can’t find the stock ROM for this device since it just started rolling here. I’m using a t-mobile sim card that’s not working

    What is your advice on fixing it. do you fix such issues, I mean can ship this phone for you to fix for a reasonable price?

    1. admin

      Okay – so from what I’m reading – you have a locked s4 mini with a modified rom. No backup for intl s4. You sound pretty knowledgeable so –
      First try a factory reset to wipe the mods and restore factory os
      If that doesn’t restore it, try digging in android forums for the stock rom… someone will probably have it You never know.
      Lastly if nothing works… hit those same forums or craigslist for an android expert.

  3. Rod S

    Hi I also bought a Iphone 5c at craiglist. It was working properly for a week then suddenly stop working saying its blacklisted. The seller cannot be contacted. can you help me. Thanks

    1. admin

      Will need to know what provider – sprint/verizon/att?

  4. Jan P. Lopez

    What about Google’s Android?

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