May 30

Tmobile bad imei repair &instant iphone unlocks Now at our Online store!


Hi Everyone,

In response to customer demand we’ve launched our webstore on a smaller scale – Selling only the highest requested unlock and bad imei repairs.


We currently will provide remote Tmobile bad imei repairs as well and instant iphone unlocks for all iphone carriers in the USA and worldwide – including net 10 straight talk, bluegrass wireless, tracfone, Boost and other hard to unlock iphones in addition to Tmobile, Sprint  & ATT.   International carriers can be unlocked as well – Orange, 3UK, Virgin Mobile, Movitel, Claro, Telcel, Lime, FLow, Digicel iphones can all be unlocked instantly!

This unlock works immediately and provides the same service as the factory unlock at half the cost! NO long wait time.

We will also be offering Sprint iphone bad imei repair within the next few weeks.

The site accepts paypal – unlock@mobilelizard.com

In the meantime, we will still be answering email and guiding you with regard to unlocking and bad imei phone issues.

Please be aware all of these services are currently working, but this is subject to change.



Thank You!

- The MobileLizard





  1. Sai


    I was sold iPhone 6 which was blacklisted with Telus Canada, please advise if this can be unlocked and used outside of Canada?


    1. admin

      Its likely it can be used outside canada/North America but it will need to be unlocked.

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