Jan 01

Bought a Tmobile phone? Is it blocked for non payment? Blacklisted? UPDATE!

blocked tmobile

 Did you buy  or receive a Tmobile phone over the holidays, and later find out its been blacklisted? (reported lost or stolen) or blocked? (for non payment of of a service bill or EIP)

Thankfully there are new solutions for 2017, specifically for Tmobile iphones and Androids – Samsung Note and Galaxy phones.

Email us at unlock@mobilelizard.com for any questions you may have.


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  1. Troy

    i have a metro pcs phone that i have had for a while and my phone was stolen 2 days ago and i am just wanting to unlock it in order to use the phone with my at&t acct. Is my phone i am trying to get unlocked blacklisted? if so what if anything can be done to remedy the problem? or do i have a paperweight? any help is surely appreciated.

    1. admin

      Not certain what youre asking. Is the metro pcs phone you have blacklisted now?

  2. Calvin

    Hi there. I recently purchased a lg v20 tmobile phone on ebay and cannot unlock it due to it having a bad esn because of a balance. The model is h918 is there any way you can unlock this phone. Thanks for your help in advance.

    1. admin

      this phone can be unlocked, but cannot be used with tmobile afterwards.

  3. Aaron

    I’ve got an iPhone 6 on T-Mobile that has been blocked or maybe blacklisted I’m not sure.

    1. admin

      You’ll need to check with tmobile – there are different solutions for blocked as vs blacklisted.

  4. Charmaine t

    How can I get my iPhone 6s Plus from T-Mobile blacklist

    1. admin

      Not possible to get off the blacklist at the moment.

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