Jun 06

iphone 6S and iphone 6 C leaked! September Launch date for new iphone 6S

Its only June, but Leaks of the new Iphone models – the iPhone 6S and the new iPhone 6C are making their rounds.  Of course, every source is ‘reliable’ and ‘connected’  so read between the lines.  With a few new features in the 6S and a whole new phone – the 6C  Apple is cleverly masterminding the marketing drive for their mid OS release year.


According to Forbes magazine – Apple inadvertently posted pictures  on their website of what looked like a 5c handset with a fingerprint sensor button.  Since there isn’t an offical model of iPhone 5C with the fingerprint sensor button, MUST be a new C model iPhone right?  Sure looks like it:



The following  is from a Forbes article covering  the key new features in the upcoming iphone 6S release:

conceptualized iphone 6 '4inch'

  1. Force Touch will be the biggest upgraded selling point, but also one of the main bottlenecks of the supply chain. Force Touch can enhance user experience due to more input methods and support of handwritten signatures, which is beneficial for expanding in the commercial market
  2. Screen will remain at 4.7 and 5.5 inches, with resolution the same as existing models. There will be no new 4-inch model
  3. There will be an additional casing color, rose gold, matching the rose gold Apple Watch Edition
  4. The camera will have a pixel upgrade, likely to 12 MP
  5. One microphone will be added near the speaker to enhance voice quality
  6. The A9 processor with upgraded 2GB LPDDR4 will be adopted
  7. The bending issue will be improved by using different casing materials and internal mechanical design changes
  8. If drop test issues can be resolved, the 5.5-inch model will have a limited number of units with sapphire cover lens
  9. The recognition rate of Touch ID will be improved further in a bid to promote Apple Pay
  10. Gesture control support
  11. It’s expected that mass production will start in mid-to-late August. Total shipments will be 80-90mn in 2015, with a 2:1 ratio of 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models

Analysts are currently predicting a launch date of Sept 9-12,  Apple iphone purists ready your wallets!  We will be unlocking new releases within a few days of the iphone 6S and 6C launch.


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