Jan 18


SPRINTOne of the most frequent questions we get from our readers & customers is “I bought/have a Sprint iphone /samsung and I want to unlock it for Tmobile/straight talk, can I do that?”

More often than not, the answer depends on the make and model of the Sprint phone, and sometimes the operating system version of the software.

THERE IS A REASON WHY SPRINT IPHONES ARE SO CHEAP ON CRAIGSLIST! You can hardly do anything with them to move them from Sprint to another carrier.

Sprint Samsung phones are a little different but let’s look at iphones first.


Sprint iphones that can be unlocked  easily –

  • Sprint iphone 4s
  • Sprint iphone 5

These iphones can be unlocked to any gsm carrier using a sim interloper card  like a gevey sim- .  Data speed will vary, but you will have working  talk, text, picture messaging and dataservice on these phones.  The unlock cost for these varies, but most are affordable.   The unlocked iphone will work in the USA without any issues. You may lose the unlock if you update your operating system software. They can also be factory unlocked, but the cost of the unlock may be more than the market value of the phone.

Other Sprint iphones which can be factory unlocked to work in the usa:

  • Sprint iphone 5s
  • Sprint iphone 5c
  • Sprint iphone 6
  • Sprint iphone 6+

You can buy these factory unlocks for the Sprint  iphone online or at local cell phone stores – prices range (at time of publishing) from $110 – $165.   Anyone purchasing these unlocks should be aware of two things.

1. A bad esn sprint iphone, even factory unlocked will still not work inside the usa. Don’t buy this unlock expecting it to fix a bad esn problem

2. The sprint factory unlock is still tempermental – this should change in the future as sprint has agreed to unlock phones that are released later in 2015. There is a chance the phone could relock if it gets connected to the apple server.



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