Oct 02





FINALLY!  Apple has released an icloud lock check tool.  This makes it much easier for anyone buying  a used iphone, ipad or ipod touch to detect whether the apple product has been icloud locked to another user.   Apple created the icloud  lock tool in iOS 7 to curb the thefts of iphones/ipods and ipads. It has been successful,  but the side effect is well-intentioned buyers sometimes end up with their purchase icloud locked.


 Once the phone, ipod or ipad is  icloud locked its nearly impossible to get this undone unless you have the correct username and password. 

Accessible via https://www.icloud.com/activationlock/  users can  enter a Device IMEI or Serial number to check whether any apple ipod,ipad or iphone device has an activation lock (cloud lock) turned on.


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  1. Doyen

    Can i get icloud unlocked

    1. admin

      Its possible. An icloud unlock is quite expensive however.

  2. Marquita Bullard

    How do I unblock my at&t iphone it was working gud under straight talk service now its not working under at&t

    1. admin

      with an ATT phone you can unlock, but cannot use within the USA it is carrier blocked from all GSM networks on both tmobile and ATT towers

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