Sep 20


The Factory unlock for AT&T iPhone 6 and 6+ is now available on our website – if you are the proud new owner of an  iPhone 6 or 6+ You can be sim free in 24-48 hours. Unlock now available for purchase at www.mobilelizard.com

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  1. vikky

    I need the Unlock code for my Iphone 6 Tmobile still having unpaid balance and locked

    1. admin

      There is no way to unlock a blocked or blacklisted tmobile iphone at the moment

  2. Allen Pan

    Hi , I need to make BAD ESN clean. email to me. thank you.

    1. admin

      ??? Anyone looking for guidance on where to go, or what to do to make the best of being stuck with a phone you purchased, which now turns out to be a blocked or blacklisted phone – please include the make and model of phone as well as the carrier. Without this information we cannot assist.
      It helps if you understand we get hundreds of email requests each week for help. The process will be made faster by having the information ready upfront.

  3. carl

    If the iPhone 6 is already unlocked (O2 UK) and then it got blacklisted, can I use the phone in the US ?

    1. admin

      Yes, you will be able to use an unlocked O2 iphone 6 in the USA, even if it is blacklisted.

  4. André

    Hi guys

    I got my iphone 6 on Ebay in November, so I didn’t know that the brand new Iphone was got from Vodafone UK. In January my iphone stopped to make calls. Now my iphone is in blacklist LOST OR STOLEN by Vodafone UK, so I can’t find the seller that sold me on Ebay… Do u have any idea to unlock blacklisted iphone?
    I know I’m the victim of these scammers, the only thing that I wanna if you can solve this problem.

    Thank you for your comprehension.


    Phone Make: Apple


    MAC: A85B789400EF

    ICCID: 89550312000015461131

    IMEI: 354430065205958

    1. admin

      Hello – you will need to find an expert in UK issues of this nature. There may be someone who offers this service on uk ebay.

  5. ratk

    before i buy this iph6 that is sealed in the box still and is tmobile, can you fix a bad esm, imei and unlock ? the owner says he knows for sure it will, but im only going to buy it if you can fix it? time is of the essence here…..thanks you, ratk

    1. admin

      THere is NO fix. I repeat NO fix for bad imei iphones Tmobile and ATT. Other carrier phones have limited options which usually include moving to another network.

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