Jan 21

Emergency Measures! What To Do If Your Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy, iPhone HTC or LG Falls into water


iphone in water

Its a perfectly normal day you’re going about your ‘business’ . You’re about to sit down, or you bend over and the next thing you know your cell  phone falls into the toilet.  First thing.  Don’t panic. Okay, maybe there’s a 3 second panic allowance.

After that  you need to spring into action.  Go after your cell phone. The longer it stays in  the water, the more  difficult  it will be to  resuscitate if necessary.   It may happen at the lake, by the pool or just a puddle of water on a rainy day.  If you follow the steps below you should have a working smartphone in most cases.

If your phone fell into saltwater get it to a repair specialist IMMEDIATELY .The salt will start to corrode the motherboard right away, and your phone will need to be taken apart and cleaned with equipment designed to combat the salt.  Mobilelizard provides Water damage repair services – email us if you need to ship your phone in: unlock@mobilelizard.com

Dry your phone off  with a towel and take your battery out immediately.  If you have an iphone or an LG  G2, that has a built in battery –  Try to turn it off.  If you grab it quickly enough, with a little luck,  your phone may not have been in  water long enough for your battery to be impacted.   One quick way to tell if your phone’s battery  has gotten wet is to look at the battery itself.   There’s a white moisture indicator strip on every cell phone battery.  If that strip is not completely white,  or its tinged with pink/red then your battery has been exposed to water damage, and you will need to get a new one. Yes, it may work for a while but eventually it won’t function properly.

Extract your sim card and your data/SD card if you have one in the phone, dry them off immediately, and set them aside. Leave those ports/slots uncovered so they can air dry.

Yes!  AIR DRY.   Don’t try to dry the phone out with the blow dryer.  The hot air will turn the water to steam  inside the phone and hasten the corrosion process. 


The most well known fix is placing a wet phone in rice. Its not always a permanent fix, but  It works!  Get your phone in an airtight container with some rice.  Better yet, if you have some silica packs lying around in some old shoe boxes, pill bottles etc  place them in the airtight container with your phone.  Leave the phone in the container for 24-48 hours while the rice or silica absorbs the moisture.



Once you feel all moisture has been absorbed, insert the battery and try to power the phone up. If that doesn’t work, put it back in more rice or silica for another day or two then try to turn it on again.   Once your phone comes on, chances are it will function as if it never fell into water.   Often after a few  weeks,  you may start to notice little things that didn’t happen before your phone’s water adventure.   If that does happen – get your phone to a repair center that does water damage repairs as soon as possible.  Its bound to happen eventually, once water comes into contact with metal and oxygen, the rust and corrosion begins.

We do offer water damage repair at mobilelizard for $80!  Ship it into us – if it doesn’t work, there’s no charge – just the shipping fees.



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