Monthly Archive: January 2014

Jan 21

Emergency Measures! What To Do If Your Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy, iPhone HTC or LG Falls into water

  Its a perfectly normal day you’re going about your ‘business’ . You’re about to sit down, or you bend over and the next thing you know your cell  phone falls into the toilet.  First thing.  Don’t panic. Okay, maybe there’s a 3 second panic allowance. After that  you need to spring into action.  Go …

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Jan 15

iPhone Factory unlocking available at

Finally! is back up again offering the ‘recently elusive’ iPhone FACTORY UNLOCK for the USA iphone carriers  AT&T and Tmobile.  Its new on the market so prepare for sticker shock.  Things definitely aren’t what they used to be. There are two types – 1 will unlock any model iphone within 3 days, the other …

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