Dec 08

Planning to get an iphone off Craigslist? Check for Apple ID & activation lock before you buy!

iPhone Buyers : The new iphone 7 iOs update provides an activation lock under the ‘find my iphone’ feature.

You’ll know you have a problem when you get the following screen – (below right). Once this is enabled – the iphone is effectively locked in the icloud and  cannot be used unless the correct  Apple ID password is entered.

Until this is done, the iphone is completely useless.  It can’t even be used as an ipod.



At MobileLizard, we’re seeing an increase in the number of  buyers impacted by the activation lock.

Until recently, there was a workaround to activate password locked phones. As of this writing, there’s no longer that option  for  cloud locked iphones. Some day soon, some really brilliant person is going to figure it out but  nothing  works right now.

If you’re buying an iphone from craigslist  or even  from a friend.  Check the lock settings by heading to:

Settings – icloud- FIND MY iPHONE.   if the lock is enabled  you’ll need that password. If the person selling it cannot provide one that works, move on.

If you do find yourself in that situation, you can throw yourself on the mercy of the good people at apple’s customer service and hope they can help.   They’ll put you through  their checklist of steps to prove the phone wasn’t stolen first. though.

Another  quirk with ios7 : manual unlocks of iphones.  Using a gevey sim / Rsim/xsim?  you may be able to get it up and accepting a sim – you’ll even see a signal, but in some cases won’t be able to get past that activation lock.  Until some brilliant coder figures out a workaround, the activation lock remains a roadblock.

Good Luck!!






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