MobileLizard.com: Our Traveler’s Guide to a Cheap Unlocked Cell Phone

In need of a Cheap Unlocked Cell Phone for overseas travel?  Look no further – Here’s our Quick Guide to getting it done without paying hundreds of dollars.

First a quick primer.

There are two types of cell phone technologies – CDMA  and GSM.  CDMA technology is used by Verizon, Sprint,  Cricket.  GSM technology is used by companies like AT&T, TMobile.   Most countries outside the USA  use GSM phones exclusively. If you’re travelling outside the US  and don’t want to incur huge roaming charges, you’ll want to pick up a GSM phone, or unlock your AT+T/TMOBILE cell phone,  and buy a pre paid SIM card (the small card that fits in the back of your phone)  when you get to your destination.  More often than not you can buy an inexpensive SIM card with a data plan that will last for up to a month.  It is definitely cheaper to do this than pay for data and voice roaming. $10 us vs $200? its a no-brainer really.

Next: Get a phone unlocked

The least expensive way to get a phone unlocked is to call up your cell phone provider.  If you’ve been with them for a while (and you’ve been paying your bills) chances are they’ll unlock it for you.  GSM phones can be unlocked to work with GSM providers all over the world.   If they refuse to unlock it  for some reason – your next resource is to buy an unlock code from a store or online retailer like MobileLizard.com.  Online retailers provide remote unlocking – meaning you never have to hand your phone over to someone. Its also a less expensive option for unlock codes than a store, and entering the code itself is usually a matter of punching in the string of numbers you receive via email.   Some folks will always prefer to have a store clerk handle this for them, but  its fairly easy nonetheless.  If you can dial phone number, you have all the skills needed to unlock a phone :)


How to get a CHEAP unlocked cell:

if you’re caught in a pinch the easiest thing to do is buy a  basic  prepaid phone  – you  can pick one up in Walmart/ Target/ BestBuy for under $30. Get it unlocked and take that with you to wherever you’re going.  You can also pick up a used phone from craigslist or ebay, but please vet your seller and the phone before purchasing.  An unlocked AT&T or Tmobile phone will work immediately on any network (even each other’s) with voice and text.  Data will also work but speeds may vary depending on the make and model of the phone you have.  If data speed is a very important function for you then check to see what ‘bands’ your phone’s 3G and 4G operate on.  CDMA ‘world’ phones (eg Sprint and Verizon phones with a sim card slot)  can also be unlocked for overseas use but bear in mind, the unlocked sim function of their phones will only work OUTSIDE the usa. Once in the usa you’ll likely have to use their service.

Thanks for reading our quick traveler’s guide to getting a cheap unlocked cell phonel.  You can easily save yourself hundreds of dollars in roaming  and data charges on business or vacation trips and don’t forget to visit our unlock website at Mobilelizard.com if you do need to get your phone unlocked.



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