Sep 22

How to get your iphone5 Unlocked, and fix the pesky nano sim issue.


Given all the news stories about overseas buyers snapping up the new iphone5  for resale in their home market:   Here’s a bit of information for anyone of our readers planning to do the same.  The Iphone5 release is currently limited to AT&T and Verizon  handsets. Sprint iphone5 should be released later this year, followed by TMobile  (its rumoured)  between the 4thquarter of 2012 and first quarter of 2013.   ATT is the only true  US based GSM carrier at the moment with the iphone5 – so the first thing you’ll have to do is get it unlocked for overseas use.  Simple enough – www.mobilelizard.com  has the iphone5 ATT unlock up and running.  The factory permanent unlock is remote (meaning the phone is not physically required for unlocking).  Simply enter your imei# (dial*#06#) and submit.  Within 4 hours your phone will be unlocked.  Refresh on itunes, and you have a fully unlocked new iphone5.

Standard Sim – Micro Sim – Nano Sim

The next issue is the nano sim.  Its smaller than the micro sim, and at the moment only ATT has them.  So, what to do?  You could break out a pair of scissors and start cutting – or you could get it professionally cut with the nano sim cutter.  Similar to the micro sim cutters in use for the iphone 4 release – it does the job.  Yes, the nano sims are a little thinner than a regular sim, or micro sim – but this does not impede the iphone5 sim tray or phone functions in any way.  It works!  If you are interested in unlocking your iphone5,  login to mobilelizard.com today or email us! unlock@mobilelizard.com



Nano Sim Cutter



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