Jun 25

Tips and Tricks for the New Facebook

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Facebook.  Its morphed from semi- stagnant,  to consistent changes in the look and operation of the social network.  Its pushing to keep the shine on its now  tarnished crown so it may seem  as if  there are changes almost EV-ER-Y day.  Every day? Yes. Every day.  Facebook’s constantly tweaking its ‘operating system’  for personal and business pages.  Most people have experienced the big ‘switch’ to the new Facebook Timeline.  You know, the one with the BIG photo and the unfamiliar timeline layout.   Well, other things are different too – not just the appearance of the timeline. There’s added functionality,  most people never explore.  I mean who needs to right?   Hmmm, let’s reconsider:   If you’ve ever posted something you regret during your years on facebook – you can not only delete it – you can edit it, or change the date of the post itself.  You can download all of your facebook info.  That’s right. Pictures, posts, comments everything and store it in a neat little file somewhere on your harddrive or cloud if you prefer. You can retroactively post  about events that took place before you even joined FB, and you can even make your facebook page look like pinterest   which is great if you love posting pictures on your timeline.  Usually  at mobilelizard.com we post about phone related interests – guess what?  Almost everyone has a facebook  app their cell whether they use an iPhone, Android or Blackberry handset.  So here are some helpful tips to assist you in navigating the New-Newer Facebook.


  • How to change your cover photo:

Old facebook used to have the option of only a single thumbnail – Now FB gives you the option of not one but DOS pictures.  A big cover photo (850*315 pixels) and a smaller insert or thumbnail photo.  To change – move the cursor over the cover photo, click change cover box and select choose from photos or upload photo. Once you pick your pictures hit save changes. Same with the thumbnail and presto! New FB profile pic.

  • Edit/Remove timeline events

Post something nasty about your  boss then realize it wasn’t the smartest thing to do?  You can edit or remove it really easily.  Move your cursor over the post, when the pencil icon pops up click on it. You can change the date of the post, hide it or edit it, or the best choice – DELETE it altogether.  You can also use this function to pin a post to the top of your Timeline.

  • Post items to your timeline retroactively

You joined facebook in 2012, but you graduated from college or got the best job in the world in 2010. No worries.  Click on your timeline at the point closest to the date/time you want to add in. A box will offer  the option to add a status, photo, place or life event.  Pick the one you want to add and click on the clock to type in the exact date you want to have your event show up on.  Hit Post and you’re set!

  • Download all your Facebook info. YES, ALL of it.

If you’ve been on facebook for a while, chances are you’ve amassed a running diary of your life and your friends’ on almost a daily basis.   Photos, Videos, Notes,  and all that good stuff can be archived and preserved for you and the grand-kids to laugh about.  “Remember when the iPhone 4S came out?  hahahahaha! Grandpa you’re sooo old!”  To archive the info

Open your account settings menu, click on the download a copy of your facebook data link. Choose Start my archive. You’ll be asked to confirm and receive an email with instructions.

If you’ve been on for a long time, make sure you have plenty of space available in your storage device or cloud, and your download is secure.  Its more likely than not, you’ve got sensitive information  couched in the archive.

  • Make your Facebook photo feed look like Pinterest

Search for  the ‘friendsheet’ app  in your searchbox at the top of the page. Download it and install – 1-2-3 Done!  The pictoral layout is  pretty easy on the eyes too.

If you want to get more facebook tips drop us a line! We’re on Facebook : mobilelizard.com is our page.  We even have a mobileLizard Facebook APP!  Unlocking your iphones, samsungs, HTC’s and blackberries every day!







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