Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 25

Tips and Tricks for the New Facebook

    Facebook.  Its morphed from semi- stagnant,  to consistent changes in the look and operation of the social network.  Its pushing to keep the shine on its now  tarnished crown so it may seem  as if  there are changes almost EV-ER-Y day.  Every day? Yes. Every day.  Facebook’s constantly tweaking its ‘operating system’  for personal and business pages.  Most …

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Jun 10

Is this the End of Nokia?

  In today’s world dominated by smart phones, Nokia has been struggling to gain any market share. Due to the advent of Iphone and Android, Nokia has been gradually drifting towards the  brink of non-existence.  Android and Iphones have taken over and  pushed  the once mighty Nokia out of competition –  Ovi (their  Nokia Marketplace) quietly folded  and …

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