May 15

Unlock MY Cell Phone?

unlock your cell phone todayWhy should you unlock your cell phone? The obvious drawback with most cell phones on the market is that they are limited by your network. They are going to tell you what network you can use, and they will dictate which apps and features you can have, what your data plan will cost and what kind of data speed you’ll get (thanks, but no EDGE needed here) .  How is this even fair?  Wouldn’t it be great to have the freedom to do what you want with the phone you have?

Thankfully  with a service known as remote unlocking, this freedom can be yours.  Whether you’ve heard about this process, or you’re on the fence, there are so many great advantages when thinking about unlocking your phone.  Let’s take a look at what your unlocked phone can do for you:

Freedom to Choose

Do you hate the cell phone carrier that you have now?  Well, if your phone is now locked, have fun trying to move that phone to a new network.  With the power of unlocking your phone, you now have the freedom to choose the carrier that you want.  By unlocking, you can now use your favorite phone on a cheaper network.

Additional Features

The problem with some marketplaces such as iTunes and the Android Marketplace is that they restrict some apps.  What happens if you want to treat your phone as a WiFi hotspot?  Have fun doing that with your locked iPhone.  With an unlocked phone, this will give you the freedom to choose any app that you want on the marketplace.

More Money

Let’s say that you get sick of your phone over time, and you want to purchase a new one.  An unlocked phone can be worth as much as three times more than a locked phone.  So, if you choose to use a professional service such as the mobilelizard.com unlocking service, you will find that those fees will easily offset in the future when you do decide to sell your phone.  Buyers love the idea of having no restrictions.

Unlocking a phone is so simple.  With a click of a button, your phone can be unlocked within a few minutes online.  If you don’t like what you get, you can always revert back.  The process is 100 percent legal.  If you love the idea of having no restrictions, what are you waiting for?


  1. Shanna

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    1. admin

      hello, motorola and htc unlocks are available at our website – http://www.mobilelizard.com

  2. adel

    i have i phone 4 and i need to unlocked in 24 hrs can you do it call me 4436834938

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