May 16

For the love of RIM!

Blackberry Love


Let’s face it – RIM’s BlackBerry cell phones have been a worldwide phenomenon that changed the course of technology forever. But, since the release of smartphones from  Samsung,  Apple, and operating systems like Android and Windows (to a lesser extent)  Blackberry has battled round after round of  rough fights with its competition.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that RIM’s Blackberry is still a requested product in nearly every country of the world, especially in developing nations where data plans are expensive and blackberry service plans are still very affordable.

The Blackberry phone was rleaed by RIM in 1999 and though things have changed in the last decade,  RIM’s  smart phones still command  an estimated 3%  of worldwide handsets in use.  The market share of RIM has dramatically dropped in recent years but their share in Latin America and the Caribbean is holding steady at 45%. Rim’s the number one provider in those  countries and is growing rapidly in Inda.

Blackberry 10 homescreen image

Yes, there is  a future for the smart phone and its parent company.  Leaked  photos and video  of BlackBerry’s latest handset  creation have been released.

If you’re addicted to the physical keyboard, don’t worry  – they’ll still make those too. The company is providing a major hardware and styling upgrade to the new phone and  is betting its future that millions of customers will make the switch to the new device once it’s released.  Gaming companies are also teaming up with the new release of the BlackBerry to provide an entertaining video game experiences, something that’s sorely been lacking in the Blackberry App store.

Still, all’s not lost BB lovers.  Not everyone is making the change to other phone platforms.  President Barack Obama still uses his BlackBerry. What better endorsement than the President of the United States of America? We at MobileLizard recognize that  users across the world are still demanding BlackBerry devices,  and MobileLizard.com offers unlocking services for BlackBerries and other smart phones.  Though new phones, platforms, and companies are sprouting across the globe introducing new technologies in their devices, BlackBerry is still in the race for one of the most popular mobile devices of all time.  Don’t count them out, and remember to increase resale value of your BlackBerry and other devices by unlocking them at MobileLizard Today!

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