Sep 25

Iphone 5 – Who’s Buying?


” Step right up, Step right up.. Get your brand new Apple Iphone 5

Or, SHOULD you?

Leaked Iphone 5 case design


Apple’s set to release the Iphone 5 sometime between their September announcement of the 5 and the end of October.  Apple’s  leak division , Apple’s marketing division Industry insiders say sometime between October 4, and October 18, 2011 the Iphone5 will be released for retail distribution.  Its already a given that hundreds of thousands of new Iphones will be sold between October 1 and December 31st 2011, but if you own an iphone 4, should you get an Iphone 5?  You’ll likely end up paying a hefty premium after trade-in. If you don’t own an iphone should you get the cheaper Iphone 4S, skip the 5 and just wait for the iphone6 instead?

The news so far doesn’t point towards any huge technical upgrades, but the 5 will have an aesthetically different footprint,  a bit like the hop from the rounded iphone 3G to the square iphone 4.  Leaked pictures of cases from manufacturer Case Mate  reinforce the theory of a wider, slimmer tapered phone with an aluminium back instead of the current  rectangular shape and glass back of the iphone 4.

The official unveiling of the iphone 5 takes place this week at Apple’s Cupertino campus. Expect tons of media coverage and earnest discussion among the Apple faithful and early tech adopters. At mobilelizard we’re not quite so convinced. For the second time in a row an apple iphone prototype is left/stolen in a SanFrancisco Bar (smells like a great marketing stunt).  Apple’s shoring up the Q4 coffers by rolling out a less expensive Iphone 4S?  There may just be nothing much under the Iphone 5 hood. We’re betting on cosmetic changes and a dressed up operating system, but not a whole lot more. If that’s indeed what Apple has up their sleeve will YOU be getting an Iphone 5?

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  1. Kara

    Getting one for Xmas!

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