Mar 19

Get Geeked! Green Cell Phones and Solar Powered Accessories.

At MobileLizard, we’ve been following the trend in renewable cell phones and power sources for the last few years. Where there were once few (and mightily expensive) choices, there now are reasonably priced options for folks who live socially conscious lives, or prefer the convenience of the sun. ¬†Accessories and peripherals are also now available with renewable power options.

At the moment, Solar powered cell phones aren’t yet popular in North American, but do have a foothold on other continents. Samsung leads the way with a line of phones – Samsung Blue Earth, Reclaim and Restore, and Sony Ericsson’s Green Heart and Naite are all manufactured from recycled materials.

LG’s Pop has an optional solar battery cover that’ll give you an extra 15 mins talk time¬† for every hour it’s charged in the sun.

The LG Solar powered Bluetooth headset -HBM 810 is a combination bluetooth headset and car kit charger/cradle in one. Retailing for $99.99, the LG Solar kit is sexy and functional. With Up to 5 hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby, the LG solar bluetooth kit can connect to two devices at once.

Iogear has a stellar selection of?solar bluetooth (handsfree) car kits priced at between $30- $70. A single charge gives anwhere from 8-13 hours talk time, higher end car kits are voip compatible.


The concept of ‘zero charging’ ( cutting the power draw from an electrical source once a charge is complete) is also finding favor with consumers and manufacturers alike. Bet you didn’t know that if you leave the charger plugged in, even if its not connected – it still draws power. (So that explains your electrical bills). ATT produces a zero charger that’ll save you money – kit $18 tips for various devices run around $5-$6 per piece. Other chargers powered by the sun include

Hit us back with other eco-friendly technology solutions!

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