Dec 13

So, you think you want an Unlocked Iphone 4?



You’ve been thinking about it for a while. You want an Iphone 4, but they don’t make them for Tmobile, or Digicel or Glo Mobile. Alrighty then! you’ll just buy an unlocked Iphone 4, and put your sim in.

So you fork out your $1000+ and wait for the happy day your new phone comes. When it does arrive, you pull the sim out of your old phone and slide out the sim tray in the Iphone 4 and you realize something is terribly wrong.

What the %#%$!??Your giant simcard won’t fit into the tiny slot! Now you’re over a thousand dollars out of pocket, and all you have to show for it is a really pretty paperweight.

Yep that’s right. Apple and ATT pulled a quick one – all Iphone 4s and Ipads are fitted with ‘micro sims’. Not the regular size sims we’re used to seeing from ATT & Tmobile. So if you want to use the Iphone 4 or Ipad with another service provider, you’re going to have to convert your sim card into a micro sim.

Well now, thanks to China everything is possible!

Enter the microsim cutter – available at various online retailers at a cost of between $6-$40. It looks a little something like a stapler but works like a charm. Simply insert your standard sim card, press down and BAM! instant micro sim. Make sure to insert it the right way though, wouldn’t want to cut off any part of the sim card that stores your info (the metal piece of the sim). In case you ever need to change back to using a standard sim slot, most sim cutters come with standard adaptors so you can easily switch back to your old phone if you miss it.

At mobilelizard.com we’re now offering factory unlocking for your iphone!  Yes, no more missing updates, going back and paying another price to unlock your bricked up phone (because you accidentally downloaded the new operating system).  We factory unlock iphone 2, 3, 3G iphone 4 and iphone 4S. Whether you’re in New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago or Los Angeles, the Caribbean, or Europe as long as its an ATT iphone, we can unlock it remotely. Follow the link to mobilelizard.com and sign up – its safe, secure and easy to do – just like upgrading itunes!


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