Dec 13

Blackberry Tips for Berry Addicts.

In every phone’s OS, there are built in tips and tricks you may stumble upon, or you may never discover they’re there – till someone tells you about it.

Some of these you may already know, some might be new – but here are a few ways to complete useful functions on your blackberry mobile.

1. Locating an email or message.

If you’ve got alot of emails or text messages it can get difficult to find the one specific message with the information you need right away. Click ‘S’ while you’re in email or messaging and a search box will pop up. Its alot easier than scrolling through 100 messages hoping you didn’t delete the one you really need.

2. View your sent/received messages

Access any messaging inbox (email/sms/mms) and hit ALT O. This will bring up all your outgoing messages, no matter what type of message it is – text, messaging or email. The ALT I command shows you all incoming messages.

3. Pin/Number shortcut

Typing ‘MYPIN’ in email or text message will automatically insert your pin number in the email or text. If you type ‘MYNUMBER’ you’ll get your phone number inserted as well.

4. Reboot without a Battery Pull

Every now and then, (especially with older blackberries) you?may experience a delay in functionality (phone freezing up, slow to respond) due to the demand placed on phone memory. Usually removing old messages, calendar appointments and getting rid of unused applications will help restore some swiftness to your phone.a battery pull reboot will also help, but if you find you have to reboot often  and don’t want to do a battery pull every time, pressing ALT CAPS and DELETE at the same time will reboot your mobile in the same way a battery pull would.

5. Boot into safe mode

Phone not turning on properly? Is it shutting down every 7 minutes and rebooting by itself? Booting into safe mode can help you access your phone in a stable environment to investigate the cause of your problems. Similar to the safe mode in PC – Blackberry’s safe mode can be accessed by doing a battery pull then reinserting the battery. As soon as the light turns off  during the restart process, press and hold the escape key (the curved arrow). Your phone will boot into safe mode running only basic processes. In safe mode you can poke around to see if maybe that new app you installed might be a virus that’s the cause of your woes… you can safely delete then boot back into normal functionality.

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  1. David

    Love the tips that are being offered. Please give us more. However, tip 1. “Locating an email or message” doesn’t work on my bb. It asks me if I wish to assign a speed dial to the letter S. Tip 4. “Reboot without a Battery Pull” doesn’t work either. No matter what i try, those three buttons engaged at the same time do nothing.
    Tip 2 works great!

    1. admin

      Thanks David! You didn’t mention what model BB you currently have. If you confirm your’e in the text or email messaging and the ‘S’ function does not work, check to see which version of bb’s operating system you’re running – (settings, options, about). An upgrade to your OS may be the fixall.

    2. Zavrina

      This info is the cat’s paamjas!

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