Nov 28

Great Apps for Android Phones

Since Apple’s Iphone introduced the idea of mobile applications (aka ‘apps’) to the world, they’ve quickly become an integral part of  the equation for a successful cell phone business model. Each week, hundreds of Apps are realeased across the major smartphone operating systems (Android, Apple I phone, Blackberry, Java, Symbian, Windows). Apps cover a wide variety of categories – games, utilities, tools, entertainment, news etc. Our post highlights some of the best apps available for the Google Android operating system.  Most of the apps discussed fall under the umbrella of  utility/business. Some of the apps mentioned are free, others cost anywhere from $4.99-$20.00 – all are available for Android  powered Mobile phones, (and in some cases all smartphone operating systems) and are ?downloadable from the links or QR codes below. Enjoy!

  • Advanced Task killer (Free, $4.99)

http://rechild.mobi/ (link to free version)

One way to save memory on your Android phone is to limit the number of open processes. What with all the social, business and entertainment applications embedded in a phone you can’t always tell what’s actually running. Advanced task killer helps you to identify and quickly kill applications running in the background that may be draining your phone’s memory and power supply. Available in two versions, Standard (free)?& Advanced ($4.99)

  • WiFi File Explorer (Free ) (Download from QR code scan with android phone to download)


Browse, sync, download, upload, delete, copy, stream and manage files that are on your phone, using a web browser via a WiFi connection.

  • Dial Zero (Free) (Download from QR code  scan with android phone to download)

How many times have you gotten on the phone to your utility provider, bank or airline only to have to sift through 16 different menus before you finally get to talk to someone live Dial Zero is a call assistance app for the Android platform that gets you directly to a live person when calling a toll-free number. It cuts through all the prompts and helps you jump directly into the queue for customer service!



  • Wave Secure ($19.90)

WaveSecure is a security app that lets you lock your phone remotely if its stolen. You can wipe out important data remotely to preserve your privacy, track how an inserted sim card is being used, and locate your stolen phone with GPS. Simply Brilliant!! (also available for iphone, blackberry, symbian, java and windows operating systems).


  • Google voice (Free)

Listen to voicemail, send free SMS, call internationally at low rates.


  • Tasker ($6)

A useful application that takes Smartphone personalization to the maximum. Automatically lower the volume on your player when you plug in your headphones, backup your files at the same time each day, or load Facebook in time for your 12.30 lunch break. Tasker will create automatic text messages to send to your significant other, and take voicemail only from specific numbers -Now how useful is that?


  • Call sift ($0.99)

Call sift is an app for busy people with time management priorities. It filters out non urgent phone calls. When someone calls you, your phone will automatically send a text message asking if the call is urgent or not. The phone remains in silent mode, ringing in a special tone only if the text reply is Yes or Urgent, allowing you to focus on the task at hand, and not be distracted by incoming calls.


  • Ringdroid (Free)

Create your own ringtone by editing a music track in your library, or record a new one directly from the phone.


  • CraigsNotifica (Free)


This Craigslist notification app is the fastest way to find out when something new is posted to craigslist. Get to the best deals first!


  • Dropbox

Dropbox is a utility that manages all files and backups across all systems. Share documents, music, photos between your cell phone, laptop, work pc, or home desktop.


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