Mar 26



To Our Valuable Customers and Business Partners
First and foremost, we wish you and your families remain safe and healthy throughout this crisis.   As the state and federal response to this virus continues to evolve the MobileLizard repair store has decided to temporarily close our doors (hopefully only for a short time).
Once the situation is more stable in Maryland and the current business ban is lifted, we will reopen with newly implemented safety precautions designed to preserve health of our customers and staff.
We recognize that functional Cell Phones and Smart Devices are essential to our daily lives at the moment, whether we are working from home, attending classes or communicating with our loved ones.
Some of you have been reaching out for help, so to try and assist, we’d like to open up the MobileLizard blog site for questions you may have about issues or challenges you’re facing  (e.g.  how to do a software reset to solve a glitching phone issue, or a temporary fix for a non responsive screen) with your phones and devices.  We’ll try to answer as many questions as possible a few hours each day.
Unfortunately we won’t be available to fix hardware issues, but there are sometimes ‘work arounds’ that may get you through the next few weeks. Feel free to ask your questions, We’ll do our best to provide solutions.
Again, please ask all repair questions at the MobileLizard blog site.  Post your questions here in the comments section below.
Many thanks to those of you who have expressed your  concern and sent messages of support. We’re very grateful to have such amazing customers.
Thanks again, and stay safe.

May 30

Tmobile bad imei repair &instant iphone unlocks Now at our Online store!


Hi Everyone,

In response to customer demand we’ve launched our webstore on a smaller scale – Selling only the highest requested unlock and bad imei repairs.

We currently will provide remote Tmobile bad imei repairs as well and instant iphone unlocks for all iphone carriers in the USA and worldwide – including net 10 straight talk, bluegrass wireless, tracfone, Boost and other hard to unlock iphones in addition to Tmobile, Sprint  & ATT.   International carriers can be unlocked as well – Orange, 3UK, Virgin Mobile, Movitel, Claro, Telcel, Lime, FLow, Digicel iphones can all be unlocked instantly!

This unlock works immediately and provides the same service as the factory unlock at half the cost! NO long wait time.

We will also be offering Sprint iphone bad imei repair within the next few weeks.

The site accepts paypal –

In the meantime, we will still be answering email and guiding you with regard to unlocking and bad imei phone issues.

Please be aware all of these services are currently working, but this is subject to change.



Thank You!

- The MobileLizard




Jan 01

Bought a Tmobile phone? Is it blocked for non payment? Blacklisted? UPDATE!

blocked tmobile

 Did you buy  or receive a Tmobile phone over the holidays, and later find out its been blacklisted? (reported lost or stolen) or blocked? (for non payment of of a service bill or EIP)

Thankfully there are new solutions for 2017, specifically for Tmobile iphones and Androids – Samsung Note and Galaxy phones.

Email us at for any questions you may have.

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